Itty Bitty Betty Blob

Written by Constance Lombardo

Itty Bitty Betty Blob wants to growl for the camera on monster picture day, but every year it goes wrong. Will practice make perfect? Or can Betty find a way to be her own blobby little smiling self?

A tender, funny picture book with massive monster appeal–perfect for fans of Sweety by Andrea Zuill and classics, such as Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon and Chrysanthemum.

It’s monster picture day again, and Itty Bitty Betty Blob sits in front of the mirror where she practices growling for the camera. But for Betty it’s not so easy. She’s not a typical monster, so she doesn’t love scaring people. What she loves is dancing and rainbows and cute furry creatures. So when mom hands her a perfectly horrible scaly black dress to wear on picture day, Betty isn’t sure. Of course she wants to make mom happy, so she practices her growls in the mirror, and tries to look as monstery as her school friends. She even heads off to school with high hopes, practicing all the way there. . . and that’s when she makes a discovery and soon finds herself among new friends with ideas that just feel right.