Why I donate to Peters Township Public Library:

Carol Adler's Story:


“Wherever I’ve lived, I’ve had a library card,” recalls Carol Adler, volunteer and donor at the Peters Township Library. “We have certain organizations, healthcare, civic, religious, etc., that we support and, of course, the library is high on that list.” With its knowledgeable staff, quality collection, and relevant programming, the Peters Township Public Library is a "gold-star library in Pennsylvania." Programs like Novel November and the previously held Taste of the Township are made possible by the fundraising efforts and volunteer support of The Peters Township Library Foundation. Novel November brings renowned authors to speak with the community, and Taste of the Township highlighted the variety of delicacies from local restaurants. Carol, like many of the Peters Township Library volunteers, can’t wait to donate her time again to events as the library slowly starts to reopen.

Lori Obel's Story:


Having an accessible library is something every community depends on. According to Lori Obel, a volunteer and donor, “The primary impact any library makes is offering services and resources that are needed. The Peters Township Public Library does this better than most libraries in our area, by offering a wide variety of programming that appeals to all age groups in our community and neighboring communities.” Through the funding efforts of The Peters Township Library Foundation, the inter-generational allure of the library is demonstrated via programming for babies and toddlers (story time), youth (teen room), and adults, such as the Adult Book Club, of which Lori is a member. In particular, Lori noted the incredible ability of the library to shift the programming to all virtual and still continue to be engaging. It certainly speaks to the dedication, determination, and support of the Peters Township Public Library and Foundation in making the library a vibrant center of community activity.

Patti Fink's Story:


“In 2010, I attended the Peters Township Library’s Civil War Program,” says Patti Fink, a donor and volunteer. With its thought-provoking content and incredible staff, Patty was intrigued to volunteer at the next event. “Library programs quickly grew from a guest list of 40 - 50 people to over 200 plus a waiting list! Since I had attended the program, it was easy to pitch in and do what needed to be done to  help the event run smoothly.” From that point, Patti established a close relationship with The Peters Township Library Foundation and staff. She was asked to participate in a film series regarding Vietnam History. “They filmed  the story of the POW-MIA bracelet I had worn during the war and it became a small part of that project. Americans do not like feeling helpless in a crisis. The POW-MIA bracelets were essentially in support of the POW-MIA families. When I shared the story of my bracelet and showed it on the video, I thought I was just making a ‘file-video.’ I was surprised and honored  to be sharing the ‘Vietnam Memories’ series with seven American heroes - local Vietnam  Veterans. History classes will teach dates and events. Ordinary people will tell their story.” With the support of community members like Patti, the Peters Township Library Foundation is able  to foster connections by capturing notable historical events relevant to our patrons.

Susan McMurray's Story:


“I have a long history with Peters Township,” says Susan McMurray, a long-time donor whose grandparents lived by the Peters Township Library. “Because my family moved frequently when I was a child, Peters became a constant in my life, my roots.” Susan was especially touched by her uncle’s donation to the library many years ago in memory of Susan’s grandparents. In turn, because of her rich history with the area, Susan has donated in memory of both her uncle and her father. Susan’s personal ties with the library have evolved into promoting historical research of the community. “My sister Marcia and I decided to purchase the naming rights to the community history room in 2008. The photos hanging outside of it are my dad, uncle, and grandmother. What the library is doing to keep the community’s history archived and available is especially important to me.” The James D. and William C. McMurray Local History Room is located on the library’s second floor. Thanks to donors like Susan, The Peters Township Library Foundation can continue to fund projects that provide the community and generations to come with invaluable historical perspectives.