15 Lies Women Are Told at Work… And the Truth We Need to Succeed

Written by Bonnie Hammer

Bonnie Hammer, Vice Chair of NBCUniversal and one of the most powerful women in corporate America, debunks the bad advice that too many women at all levels are told and shares her surprising, no-nonsense secrets to success. Bonnie Hammer’s legendary career spans five decades in a turbulent, male-driven industry. Today, Bonnie is a powerful leader at the very top of her field, and women constantly ask What is your secret to success?

Recognized as “the most powerful woman in Hollywood,” Bonnie’s power—and her staying power—comes from rejecting common myths about how women are “supposed” to behave and approach the workplace. She knows the traditional stories women are told about work—captured in pithy phrases like “don’t mix work with play,” “talk is cheap,” “follow your dreams,” “know your worth,” “trust your gut,” and “you can have it all”—actually hold women back. Drawing on her experiences rising from an entry-level production assistant to a top executive responsible for transforming NBCUniversal into a media powerhouse, Bonnie flips conventional workplace wisdom and gives women the un common sense they need to succeed.

Bonnie has mentored countless women who’ve built careers in every industry, and she leads NBCUniversal’s mentorship program for female executives. She’s known for taking no prisoners and telling the uncensored and uncompromising truth—even when it isn’t easy to hear. Now, she shares her time-tested wisdom in fifteen chapters that call out the lies women are told at and about work. She replaces them with powerful new truths and gives you easily digestible and practical advice to nail it in your own life.

Written with humor and heart, and full of data and research that prove her points, 15 Lies Women Are Told at Work is a portable mentor for working women. It doesn’t just explain one woman’s rise to the top in a tough industry; it shows how any woman can rise in her own work world.