Hand Tool Basics: Woodworking Tools and How to Use Them

Written by Steve Branam

From Amazon:

Everything you need to start woodworking with hand tools!

Hand tool woodworking can be a source of great pride, satisfaction and amazing results–not to mention less noise and sawdust. But there’s a lot to learn, what with a seemingly endless array of chisels and mallets to workbenches and handplanes. You’ll learn proven methods for sharpening your tools, prepping your stock and timeless joinery techniques including mortise-and-tenon joins, dovetails, rabbets and others. Within these pages you’ll find:

• Advice for selecting the tools you need and setting up shop
• Complete instructions for using the tools you’ll reach for time and again
• Tuning processes for keeping your tools sharp and precise
• Technique variations and alternate methods so you can decide what works best for you
Take the mystery out of hand tools and experience the satisfaction of crafting something truly handmade.