Hello, Molly! A Memoir

Written by Molly Shannon

From Ecco:

A New York Times bestseller

A candid, compulsively readable, hilarious, and heartbreaking memoir of resilience and redemption by comedic genius Molly Shannon

At age four, Molly Shannon’s world was shattered when she lost her mother, baby sister, and cousin in a car accident with her father at the wheel. Held together by her tender and complicated relationship with her grieving father, Molly was raised in a permissive household where her gift for improvising and role-playing blossomed alongside the fearlessness that would lead her to become a celebrated actress.

From there, Molly ventured into the wider world of New York and Los Angeles show business, where she created her own opportunities and developed her daring and empathetic comedy. Filled with behind-the-scenes stories involving everyone from Whitney Houston to Adam Sandler to Monica Lewinsky, many told for the first time here, Hello, Molly! spans Molly’s time on Saturday Night Live—where she starred alongside Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Cheri Oteri, Tracy Morgan, and Jimmy Fallon, among many others. At the same time, it explores with humor and candor her struggle to come to terms with the legacy of her father, a man who both fostered her gifts and drive and was left with the impossible task of raising his kids alone after the loss of her mother.

Witty, winning, and told with tremendous energy and heart, Hello, Molly!, written with Sean Wilsey, sheds new and revelatory light on the life and work of one of our most talented and free-spirited performers.

“Hello, Molly! paints a portrait of a resilient spirit persevering through tragedy and the cutthroat world of fame to build a fulfilling life for herself.” — Associated Press

“Molly Shannon’s memoir is filled with mischief and pathos. . . . Shannon has an uncanny knack for transgression in pursuit of higher truth. . . . Parts are as plain and strong as Hemingway, with some internal monologues that are downright Joycean. Really. It’s very sad and very, very funny. Redemptive and uplifting.” — New York Times

“[An] incredibly charming memoir…For every story of loss, of striving, and of doubling down in Hello, Molly!, there is also a determination to find joy and pleasure, to foster community, and to laugh.” — Time

“An incredible story of resilience (along with, of course, some laughs) showing how [Molly Shannon’s] upbringing influenced her remarkable career. Warm and open-hearted, this one feels like a conversation.” — Real Simple

“This memoir is life-changing. I laughed. I cried. Just like being with Molly herself.” — Amy Schumer

“I grew up fully recognizing the enormity of Molly Shannon’s onscreen abilities—her absurdity, her chaos, but also her grace and humanity. All of these characteristics are effortlessly portrayed in one of the most achingly beautiful memoirs I have ever read. Hello, Molly! is proof that through our stories, our past, our losses, and our brokenness shines light. From the highly relatable struggles of trying to break through as a comedic actress, to SNL, to negotiating self-identity after fame, Hello, Molly! at its finest is a vulnerable, brutally honest, and unrestrained glimpse at the human condition: how the flaws of our loved ones and the darkness of our past will continue to define us.” — Awkwafina

“Heart-breaking and hilarious, Hello, Molly! is the most inspiring memoir I’ve ever read. Forget what you think you know about Molly Shannon. There is a reason she is one of the greatest comic actors working today. Her story is unbelievable and told with such a charming bluntness it made me choke on my coffee more than once…It is a glimpse into the mind of a true survivor, a lesson on how one turns trauma into art, and it might just have the secret to life and happiness.” — Aubrey Plaza