Quitting book cover

Quitting: A Life Strategy The Myth of Perseverance—and How the New Science of Giving Up Can Set You Free

Written by Julia Keller

From Hachette Book Group:

Simone Biles quit the Olympics. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit The Firm. Millions of people have quit their jobs, seeking happiness and defining success on their own terms. Is it a mistake? As Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Julia Keller found out, it’s not. And, in fact, it might even save your life.

Diving into ‘the neuroscience of nope’ and the cultural messages that drive our reluctance to throw in the towel, Keller dismantles the myth of perseverance once and for all. Because grit isn’t always great. Sticking it out doesn’t always pay off. And quitting can be an unexpected act of self-love.

Quitting: A Life Strategy reminds us that, in order to live meaningful, satisfying lives, we have to be able to say “no”—full stop. With Keller’s guidance, readers will learn:

  • The art of the quasi quit.
  • How quitting makes space for key breakthroughs.
  • Why bootstrapping is a lie.
  • How to manage guilt and shame.

Weaving cutting-edge scientific research with incisive pop culture commentary and conversations with people who have made profound change in their own lives, Keller gives readers the confidence they need to pull the plug.