What to Eat During Cancer Treatment

Written by American Cancer Society; Jeanne Besser; Barbara Grant

From the American Cancer Society:

An authoritative, easy-to-use resource for anyone living with cancer

The second edition of What to Eat During Cancer Treatment contains more than 130 recipes—including 102 new dishes. The book provides practical tips and suggestions to help patients and their caregivers anticipate—and overcome—the major challenges of eating well during treatment. The book encompasses many years of clinical experience in working with cancer patients, knowing their nutritional needs, and finding ways to help them eat well when they don’t feel well. Written by Jeanne Besser, an award-winning cookbook author; Barbara Grant, a board-certified specialist in oncology nutrition; and experts in nutrition and cancer care from the American Cancer Society, the book contains a wealth of information for both patients and their families. The book’s primary focus is on the seven most common eating-related side effects of cancer treatment—nausea, diarrhea, constipation, trouble swallowing, sore mouth, unintentional weight loss, and taste alterations—and the foods that will be acceptable when these side effects occur. Chapters are organized by these side effects, and introductory information for each section is based on evidence-based research and sound clinical experience. Symbols are used throughout to flag recipes that apply to more than one side effect, making the book a versatile resource for different phases and types of cancer treatment. The book will appeal both to people undergoing treatment and the caregivers, family, and friends who are providing support. Throughout the book are beautiful, full-color photographs, along with features such as advice for the caregiver, food safety basics, answers to frequently asked questions about nutrition and treatment, how to avoid excess weight gain during treatment, and tips for easy snacks, staying hydrated, and dealing with vitamin and mineral deficiencies.