Don’t Be A Victim: Scams and Identity Theft

There are nearly 2 million residents over the age of 65 in Pennsylvania, the third highest percentage of elderly residents in the U.S., reports the PA Office of Attorney General. Scam artists are well aware of these potential targets.

To educate the community about threat of these crimes and how to avoid them, the Peters Township Public Library will host Don’t Be A Victim: Scams and Identity Theft on Wednesday, October 5 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. at the library.

Registration is required for this program. Register online or call 724.941.9430 #1.

Featured speakers for the program will be State Senator Guy Reschenthaler; Specialist Philip Little from the PA Office of Attorney General; and Douglas E. Grimes, Chief of Police, Peters Township Police Department. Senator Reschenthaler will relate his experiences with identify theft and scams as a District Judge. Philip Little will be discussing the different ways people become victims of identity theft and scams, and how you can learn to minimize your chances of becoming a target. Chief Grimes will provide a local perspective with examples of the trends his department is seeing and the increase in reported cases.

“It is important that the public recognizes phone calls or email solicitations that request personal information such as dates of birth, social security numbers, bank account information, or credit card information are almost always a SCAM,” explains Chief Grimes. “People have to remember that your bank, the IRS, your credit card company, etc. already know your account number and your personal information.  So if they have to call you and ask for it, something is drastically wrong – hang-up!”

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