Library Administration & Mission

Library Administration & Mission

Mission Statement

Peters Township Public Library empowers individuals to learn, explore, and connect by providing enriching programs, services, and access to information.
Adopted by Peters Township Council 4/25/22

Library Director Reports

Library Board

The Peters Township Public Library Board is an administrative board consisting of eight members.  The board members are appointed by Council to three-year terms. The Library Board provides administrative oversight for the Peters Township Public Library. Meetings are held at the library in the Conference Room on the second Tuesday of every month at 7 pm, excluding August. The public is welcome to attend.

Board of Directors

Ian W. Parker - Chair
Scott Beinhauer - Vice Chair
Yvonne Weaver- Treasurer
Beth Markocic- Secretary

Lauren Cantwell
Rachel Gogos Kartofilis
Lara Clarke
Stephen Shepard
Pier M. Lee, Director Emerita

To contact the Library Board, reach out at