Senior Memories

Senior Memories

"Senior Memories" is a growing collection of favorite memories from the past, told by local seniors.  Their stories are videotaped and told in their own words, accompanied by their photos. We invite any senior to share a glimpse of their personal history with us!

“Seniors Memories” is produced by Jim McNutt and Diane Lioon, with funding provided by the Peters Township Library Foundation.

Are you a Washington County resident 60 years of age or older?  Do you have a specific short story to share about your past?  Can you provide a few photos to accompany your story?  If so, then the Peters Township Library Foundation invites you to join our Senior Memories Project!   Please contact Diane Lioon ( or Jim McNutt ( for more information.


Barbara Carter

(Click the image to view Barbara's video)

Barbara Carter of Washington, PA demonstrates how to make Pizza Fritta with Senior Memories.  Watch her make her family’s favorite fried treat from their homeland of San Giovanni, Italy.

Rosalie McCoy

(Click the image to view Rosalie's video)

Rosalie McCoy of Canonsburg, PA shares with Senior Memories the funny story of what happened when she borrowed her sister’s underwear.

Ellie Pigman

(Click the image to view Ellie's video)

Peters Township, PA resident Ellie Pigman shares the story of her college years at Bucknell University in 1951 with Senior Memories.

Bill Boice

(Click the image to view Bill's video)

Listen to the Senior Memories of long time Peters Township, PA resident Bill Boice, as he recounts the surprising first night his family spent in their new home on November 25, 1963.

Nancy Merckle

(Click the image to view Nancy's video)

Senior Memories hears the story of Nancy Merckle of North Strabane Township, PA, who eloped to Ohio when she was 16 years old.  Her marriage is 68 years young.

Dee & Gwen Fickenscher

(Click the image to view Dee & Gwen's video)

While visiting for her 1968 Peters Township, PA 50th high school reunion Gwen Fickenscher and her sister Dee Fickensher Johnson take Senior Memories on trip down memory lane.

Nathaniel Roe

(Click the image to view Nathaniel's video)

WW2 veteran and Washington, PA resident Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Roe served under General George Patton, arriving on September 8, 1944 on Utah Beach. He tells Senior Memories about the boot he found with a frozen foot still inside while stationed in Betzdorf, Germany. Many years later he discovers the identity of the fellow serviceman who left that foot behind.

The Four Townsmen

(Click the image to view The Four Townsmen's video)

The do-wop showband, The Four Townsmen from Canonsburg, PA share their final concert with Senior Memories.  Lou Gadani and Pete Kouklakis tell the story behind their big hit “Graduation is Here”.

Natalie Tissot

(Click the image to view Natalie's video)

Natalie Tissot of Peters Township, PA tells Senior Memories about her dear aunt’s talents as a seamstress. She made Shirley Temple look-alike outfits and ALL of the clothing for Natalie and her two sisters growing up.

Bill Simpson

(Click the image to view Bill's video)

In 1943, Bill Simpson of Washington, PA was 13 years old and started his pole vaulting career at his mother’s clothesline. He tells Senior Memories how he became the WPIAL Pole Vault State Champion in 1949.

Sylvia Mahramas

(Click the image to view Sylvia's video)

Sylvia Mahramas of Canonsburg, PA shares with Senior Memories the story of her mother’s re-creation of a Christian Dior dress worn by Sophia Loren. We also hear her four talented brothers, also known as The Four Coins, sing their hit song Shangri-la.

Laurie Rigby

(Click the image to view Laurie's video)

Senior Memories visits with Laurie Rigby of Canonsburg, PA, who remembers making bread with her dear grandmother.

Bill Hill

(Click the image to view Bill's video)

Bill Hill of Chartiers Township, PA tells Senior Memories how he joined the US Army ROTC to see the world, only to end up in his own backyard.

Margaret Marker

(Click the image to view Margaret's video)

Margaret Marker of Rea, PA recalls growing up in the countryside of western PA with Senior Memories, where she recalls enjoying the special treats of Kennywood Day in the 1950’s and the Islay’s Skyscraper ice cream cone.

Pat Collier

(Click the image to view Pat's video)

Pat Collier of McMurray, PA shares her life long love of flying. She tells Senior Memories about getting her pilot’s license in 1969 at age 30 and racing airplanes across the country. One notable passenger was cartoonist Charles Shultz.

Joe Thomas

(Click the image to view Joe's video)

Joe Thomas of Washington, PA performs favorite magic tricks he learned by watching the pros at the 1952 Magician’s Convention in this edition of Senior Memories.

Gerry Melone

(Click the image to view Gerry's video)

Gerry Melone of Canonsburg, PA shares the sweet Senior Memories of her dear father, who worked at the PA Transformer Company as a welder.

Linda Hill

(Click the image to view Linda's video)

Linda Hill of Chartiers Township tells Senior Memories about the 40th birthday tribute to her that was really a tribute to her sister.

Joe Unitas

(Click the image to view Joe's video)

Joe Unitas tell Senior Memories about his experience as the lighting director for the cult classic movie “Night of the Living Dead”, filmed in Evans City, PA in 1968.

Paula Popp

(Click the image to view Paula's video)

Paula Popp of Peters Township tells Senior Memories about spending time with her dear Uncle Kenneth, singing together as they drove through Brooklyn, NY, looking at pretty girls.