Solar Eclipse Watch Party

Solar Eclipse Watch Party (1640 x 924 px)

Solar Eclipse Glasses Recycling: Before April 20, bring undamaged glasses to the library lobby. The glasses will be sent to Astronomers Without Borders.

Thank you to everyone who came to the park for the Eclipse! Between the SEAL eclipse glasses and a last-minute donation from Dr. Seraly’s office, we passed out 1,300 pairs of glasses. About 1,500 folks joined us at Rolling Hills for this celestial event. If you have pictures or comments about the event, please send them to Sydney at

Sydney, Linda, and Dani from the library
Dani and Linda watching the eclipse
An estimated 1500 folks came out to the park to watch the eclipse!


UPDATE: See the FAQ and parking map to help you prepare for the day!

How Do I Sign Up?
No registration is necessary!

Does the library have eclipse glasses?
Yes! We will have them at the park on Monday for the Watch Party. Eclipse glasses are not available before this event.

Where is the Watch Party?
The Watch Party is at Rolling Hills Park on The Great Lawn! From McMurray Road, this is on the right side of Rolling Hills Drive at the top of the hill. There will be lawn games set up on The Great Lawn and Auntie Anne’s Food Truck, the Library, and Parks & Rec will all be in this area.

Where do we park?
There are three lots around The Great Lawn and additional parking at PTHS. Township staff will help direct traffic.

What should we bring?
Dress appropriately and check the weather! Auntie Anne’s will have snacks and drinks available for purchase. You can bring chairs or blankets and find a spot to watch!

Are there any safety concerns during the eclipse?
Eclipse glasses will be available at the event, and sunscreen is recommended. Learn more about NASA recommendations for eclipse safety here!

Solar Eclipse watch party Monday, April 8, 2024, 2 pm to 4 pmThe Great Lawn, Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Truck, PTPL, and Parks & Rec! Parking Lots. Three lots around park loop and additional parking at PTHS
To view the map online, click here!

PTPL & PT Parks and Recreation are working together to host a SOLAR ECLIPSE WATCH PARTY for the April 8 solar eclipse. Join us at Rolling Hills Park from 2 to 4 pm to play games and view the solar eclipse. Solar eclipse glasses will be provided to attendees. Auntie Anne’s pretzel truck will have snacks and beverages available for purchase.

The library will not be passing out solar eclipse glasses before this event. Individuals at the Solar Eclipse Watch Party will be provided glasses to view the eclipse. Registration is not required to attend.

This eclipse is crossing over the continental United States and will begin its path over North America as it enters the Sinaloa region of Mexico and travels to the island of Newfoundland in Canada. Fifteen US states will fall in the totality, including the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania. Although we are not in the totality, our area will be able to view the sun as it is 97% eclipsed by the moon at its peak between 3:10 pm and 3:20 pm. The totality only lasts a few minutes, so come early to set up and get your glasses!

Although eclipses occur every 18 months, the next solar eclipse to cross the contiguous United States will be August 23, 2044, and the totality of that will be in North Dakota and Montana before it travels north to Canada. Another solar eclipse will not have Pennsylvania in totality again until September 14, 2099, when Washington, Fayette, and Greene Counties make the list. View NASA’s site to see maps of past and future solar eclipses from 1851 to the year 2100.

Solar Eclipse glasses are provided by SEAL through StarNet.

Learn more about the eclipse from NASA.

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