Veterans Speak Out


According to a recent Pew Research Center poll at, two-thirds of our nation’s veterans think the wars fought since September 11, 2001 weren’t worth the cost of fighting them. The Veterans Breakfast Club will convene a panel of young post-9/11 veterans to share their thoughts, pro and con. REGISTER at to attend this discussion. Refreshments compliments of Pilgrimage Hospice.

Nick Grimes enlisted in the Army in 2004 and served two tours of combat in Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division. Nick is currently the Project Director for the Veterans Breakfast Club and the host of the upcoming podcast, Truth About War.

Ryan Ahl is the Veterans Outreach Program Specialist for the Pittsburgh Vet Center and a company commander in the Pittsburgh Army National Guard. Ryan is a two-tour veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2004 and 2009, where he served as an infantryman. He has been working with veterans in the Pittsburgh area for the last 7 years.

Aryanna Berringer is an Iraq War veteran having enlisted two months after 9/11 and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom with the XVIII Airborne Corps. She is a mom of three, a Ph.D. student focusing on Community Engagement, and is the Director of the Office of Veteran Services at the University of Pittsburgh.

Matt Landis enlisted in the Army in 1999 as an Artilleryman and later became a Warrant Officer, flying Apache attack helicopters in Iraq. Currently, Matt works for The Mission Continues as an Advisor for the Service Leadership Corps.

Karen Sudkamp is a former Department of Defense senior intelligence and policy analyst, focusing on the Middle East and counterterrorism issues. She supported the military at all levels, from deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Jordan to multiple positions on the Joint Staff. She currently researches critical national security issues.

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