Steel City book cover

Steel City Mafia: Blood, Betrayal and Pittsburgh’s Last Don

Written by Paul Hodos

From Arcadia Publishing:

Pittsburgh’s small but lucrative Cosa Nostra mafia family was on the rise in 1985 with a newly crowned Don… The men who came to dominate the rackets in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and West Virginia opened the family to massive profits from drug trafficking and a street tax on other criminal activities. At the same time, the Youngstown, OH faction of the family launched a brutal mob war against the weakening Cleveland mafia and the Altoona, PA crew violently clamped down on their city. Discover gritty stories of a made member who controlled who a local police department hired, an informant who betrayed his own mafia grandfather and father, numerous unsolved murders and a mob mole in the Pittsburgh office of the FBI. This is the tale of a mafia family at the pinnacle of its power, willing to do anything to hold on to that power and its downfall in the criminal underworld.